I’m not connected remotely to this system, it’s my lenovo t thinkpad laptop. I have gone thru every troubleshooting article I can find on here in regards to this issue. Right-click on it and select properties. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I’m not using this remotely, but on my laptop.

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Ivanti User Community : Popular Discussions – Remote Control

Whenever it starts up for the first time it consistently gives an error of: Unable ladesk load C: Then run Windows Update to reinstall the driver. We are using the most secure Integrated security for the remote connections.

Previous versions of the remote desktop client did not intsall this mirror driver. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Are there any suggestions on what I can do to help troubleshoot this? I just uninstalled it and rebooted.

LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver prevent Ae | Ivanti User Community

Tuesday, July 16, 4: You could disable the mirror driver in Device Manager, or entirely uninstall the remote software. The specific devices are CAD workstations with high graphics capabilities. I believe all remote control apps pcAnywhere, LD remote control, etc need a user to be logged in to session 0 in order to work. I have 2 computers in a remote office that I would like to connect to through the Gateway appliance. It appears that something is not right with my Agent but I don’t know what that would be.


Mirror drivers don’t support Aero effects Mirror drivers disabld support Aero effects A running program uses a mirror driver a type of display driver which is not compatible with the Aero desktop experience. The secone and more important question is when remote controlling to the workstation, screen refresh is good, however the mouse pointer does not mitror what the mouse pointer actualy shows on the remote workstation.

windows 7 – Mirror drivers don’t support Aero effects – Super User

Popular Discussions – Remote Control http: Right now the fix is to disable the LanDesk mirror driver. Yeah, there it is.

To this point I have tried the all of the following, found from searching this error throughout the forums. On lnadesk new core I copied the certificates in from the old core after the setup process had finished.

Popular Discussions – Remote Control http: Immediately after Aero effects started working again, no reboot required.


Popular Discussion Threads in Remote Control. Thursday, May 29, I would like to have a scheduled task available that would allow me to disable the permission required prompt when using remote control. After upgrading to Windows 7 RCIE8 will no longer install the landes, needed to use remote control.


We have LANDesk 8. Do I need to check the box so I can have Aero back? And that’s why I didn’t downvote this; because while I don’t think it works here it’s not really bad advice. Once logged in there are no mirrkr speed issues during the remote control session. If we do this we have latency issues when remoting to the pc with LanDesk console.

Let me know whether I could include anything else which would be helpful! We have checked Component services landesk and landesk1. Aero effects not supported on this Windows edition. When typing credentials, the username or password ‘dots’ appear instantly on the client being controlled, however the screen refresh on the viewer can take several seconds. Is there a solution for this?