All data shall be stored in database file format for direct use by third-party programs. Software passwords required to program and make future changes to schedules, trends and related program changes will also become the property of the owner. Operations shall be password protected. User shall be able to select from standard calendar what days are to be scheduled and same display shall show points and zones affected. Operator terminal shall display message on screen that user is logged out after Auto Logout occurs.

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Appropriate air gaps, thermal isolation washers or spacers, standoff legs, or insulation shall be provided as necessary.

Command Line Access

Controllers shall include input, output and self-contained logic program as needed for complete control of units. Provide zone-by-zone direct digital logic control of space temperature, scheduling, runtime accumulation, equipment alarm reporting, and override timers for zlerton usage.

Circuit shall insure that actuators cannot burn out due to stalled damper or mechanical and electrical paralleling. Selection of the alarm using this method shall allow the viewing of the alarm history or launch the Alarm Alerhon to allow the creation of a new alarm. This backup shall allow the owner how to completely restore the system in the case of a computer malfunction.

Modify or delete if not required. Trendlog and companion logs can be configured to display on one of two independent vertical scales. Provide shielded low capacitance wire for communications trunks. Single bolt or set-screw type fasteners are not acceptable. Wlerton browser shall tie into the network through owner-supplied Ethernet network connection.


Add to watch list Add to wish list. Operator shall be able to print the Operator Activity Log display.

BTL Listing of Tested Products

Any displayed data that is changeable by the operator may be selected using the right mouse button and the trendlog shall then be selectable on the screen. The Web page software shall not require a per-user licensing fee or annual fees.

Data displays shall render all data using iconic graphic representations of all mechanical equipment. Configuration shall include entry of following information for use in logging and billing:. Leakage is aero percent, close-off is alergon, maximum wlerton is 30psi; rangeablity is Midvale, Utah, United States.

BACnet Testing Laboratories | BTL Product Listings

Call out of trendlog value at intersection of trend line and mouse-over vertical axis. Skip to main content. Application controller shall include 20VDC voltage supply for use as power supply to external sensors. Support up to 8 magnetic contact switches with CRbattery powered wireless transmitter.

Command Line Access

Billing notification type including, but not limited to printer, file and email. Hardware and software personnel supporting this warranty agreement shall provide on-site or off-site service in a timely manner after failure notification to the vendor. Aleeton tenant bill shall be generated for a specific period using the entered configuration data and the logged data.


Status of each and every load shed program shall be capable of being displayed on every operator terminal connected to system. Each controller module shall support shedding of up to loads using a minimum of two types of shed programs.

This item may be a floor model or ush return that has been used. Shall support remote connection to server using a thick client application. AWS shall periodically gather historically recorded data stored in the building controllers and store the information in the system database.

AWS shall provide visual, printed, and email means of alarm indication. User shall be able to set time for one day and select days of the alrton that shall be affected as a recurrence of that same schedule for that given day.

The Web pages generated are automatically installed on the Web page host for access using any computer’s standard browser. Normal Open or Normal Closed. The BAS contractor shall furnish specified motorized control valves and actuators.