We built those for all bit and bit Windows. This should should solve a number of crashes when an adapter is disabled, removed or “repaired”. Better handle errors when Microsoft NetMon 2. The x NPF driver has the following limitations: Moved from named to unnamed events for the shared read events. Details and video here. The password list file format is changed and old LST files are not compatible anymore.

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Fixed the prototype for the JITted BPF filter function under x86; thanks to this patch, we no longer need to manually fix the stack pointer after the JITted function returns. Minor fixes to the documentation.

The structure NetType has been modified to support link layers faster than 4 gigabits: Airpcaap were failing if called on a local adapter with the syntax rpcap: I would also like to airpxap a big thanks to all users and beta testers for the help given, donations, improvement suggestions, bug reports, and the great support.

Version 4.0 beta3, 06 dec 06

Printing the endianness, snaplen, or other information from the first SHB may be misleading. Check that IPv4 is bound to an adapter before getting the IPv4 addresses from the registry.


The code has been merged into packet. Download Wireshark The current stable release of Wireshark is 2. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Additions to the wpcap.

AirPcap Driver v Beta Available for Download : Windows

It supersedes all previous releases. The name of the WinPcap drivers has been changed from packet. Fixed several compilation warnings in the samples. Fixed a bug in the send routine of the driver that could cause a crash under low resources conditions.

Your help is needed for the recovery of Pocket Outlook passwords! Download The AirPcap library provides low-level access to the AirPcap driver including advanced capabilities such as channel setting. Removed some useless include directives in the driver and packet. Wireshark is subject to U. Fixed a check that could cause PacketSendPackets to crash packet. You can explore aifpcap download areas of the main site and mirrors below.

The method used by the driver to timestamp packets can now be changed without recompiling the driver, modifying a registry key: As a consequence of this modification, old applications won’t work properly with the new PacketGetNetType. AirPcap is consequently one of aigpcap best-known tools for WLAN capture so getting up and running is quick and easy: Changes to the wpcap.

Removed a duplicated initialization of an event in the driver. Riverbed is Wireshark’s primary sponsor and provides our funding. I found the Libpcap File Format in the Wireshark docs, and according to the Global Header section, I’ve got a dump file airocap the magic number 0x4d3c2b1a as displayed on my Windows 7 system.


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Do not show the installation panel with the OS info. Zlib compression is not supported in this version. By finding this download airpcap driver for cain to Commons, you start you have. Fixed airpxap bug in the installer causing a mis-detection of a previous WinPcap installation Minor cleanup of some define directives in the driver to disable the TME extensions.

WineHQ – Wireshark Version (vga16e22e from master)

Added a new sample program, which gets the MAC address of an interface using packet. The source address was not retrieved properly. This should should solve a number of crashes when an adapter is disabled, removed or “repaired”. Internal conversion is provided for backward compatibility in this v2., too.