Installed Ati driver 8. Find More Posts by migm. This bug can be worked around by forcing the driver to think that a crt is plugged into the primary, and mirror that onto the secondary tv. This bug affects 14 people. Changed in mesa Ubuntu: I went a little further and started spewing printf’s all over mythtv code to figure out when the first BadMatch shows up.

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I took three screenshots: I’ll check for a similar setting in XFCE for such sub pixel enhancements.

Currently there is no known workaround. Changed in mesa Ubuntu Jaunty: I’m not sure that it’s the proper solution to revert these 3 commits though, so I’ll defer that to the X maintainer in Ubuntu. Triple and quad core versions of these processors can give some additional headroom.

MythTV Hardware Video Accleration with VDAPU

Decoding capability using this should be comparable to VDPAU, however the nVidia solution is still preferred due to its maturity, as well as the post processing features it offers. The availability of this allows older and slower systems, notably the ION platform, to remain useful with video content that far exceeds the capability of the processor.

Views Read View source View history. I have Ubuntu 9. Tormod Volden tormodvolden wrote on I’ve had a look and can’t see any, which makes me think it might be in Myth. Tearing of the OSD over a perfect video playback can be avoided by stopping playback, exiting playback, and re-starting playback of the stream.


Mythtv frontend does not display any fonts.

Video display card – MythTV Official Wiki

Radeon, that might help narrow down where we’re finding the bug. It is still the ‘X Error’ as reported earlier.

To turn the VGA back on and the tv off replace “tv” with “crt1”. According to mario, the remaining issue s will go away when QT4 is added to mythbuntu, which he plans to radeoh soonish. Now if I “ssh -X” from my Jaunty laptop onto raden Intrepid desktop and run mythfrontend. I then spun up a6 in virtualbox using vesaand tried to run that same functional mythtv-setup X forwarded on the virtualbox X instance.

I also installed mysql-server and configured according to mysql documentation set a root password and the mythtv documentation: Can people who affected by this please upgrade to latest karmic, reboot to get Linux 2.

VDPAU – MythTV Official Wiki

I have attached the output from the “mythfontend –service” command this time. The problem doesn’t occur with the closed NV drivers.

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Find More Posts by Simon Bridge. Using git bisect on the xserver-xorg ubuntu git branch, i’ve identified the commit causing the failures: This will not work if you are remotely logged into the computer. If it is Mmythtv Related and doesn’t seem to fit in any other forum then this is the place. MythTV is designed to run on reliable networks, and in order to cut down on latency for live playback, is not sufficiently buffered to handle such dropouts.


I downloaded Karmic alpha 2, but it didn’t have the kernel version that Martin Pitt requested, but after an update it had 2. If you put in another sound card you may find the card and device numbers change. The driver can currently be obtained via: Regardless of if my video card is the problem or not I don’t think it isit’s about time for me to get a new one Ardeon apps might run into this problem still however.

Live disks do it reliably when using vesa.