The Blu-ray Disc system uses the same 12 cm and 8 cm disc sizes to support backward compatibility with your CDs and DVDs and other optical disc formats. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Single-layer can hold 25GB Dual-layer versions of the discs that can hold 50GB Capacity could be increased as additional layers are added there have been announcements of GB four-layer discs and Sony has been conducting laboratory work with a GB disc This added capacity makes more customer features and benefits possible in the future, which shows that Blu-ray is the format for the long term. The result is that each disc holds only 18 minutes of high quality movie. If not contact Lite-On for services. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17,

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Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, That means you can maximize the use of your HDTV and your home entertainment system with the widest selection of high-def playback devices—including players, recorders, computers, aftermarket drives and game console.

The pin definition of Serial ATA data cable connector should be the same as that in the following figure. Visit the DVD-ROM drive’s manufacturer’s official website to see if there is any new firmware available for your model. And the pin definition of Serial ATA power connector should be the same as that in the following figure. Product not match Firmware version incorrect Please verify your product and revision with critiria listed on web site before download.


Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz. Why there is always a delay in playback? A DVD-R can only be burned once.

Please confirm under BIOS and Windows device manager that your recordable drive is properly installed. Blu-ray Disc provides as many as dvd-fom. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17, However, these 3 methods of protection have all been hacked.

There are lots of forums and websites are talking about Win10 problem, please find the solution from them.

Liteon Dvd Rom Ltd163 Ata Device Driver Download

Large drive for a low price Large drive for a devicf price by Dong Ngo. Damaged disc Drive can NOT read disc with serious scratches and marks. Blu-ray Disc is similar to PDD, another optical disc format developed by Sony which has been available since but offering higher data transfer speeds. Please seek warranty services.

The detail as below: In the previous years, there had a development of dual lens PUH for solving this problem, but such design has not been NOT successful due to the higher costs associated with the technology.

Poor media quality cause by original stamping or bad handling that dirtied or damaged by users Handling carefully to your other media. No warranty services on such damage. To read such highly packed tracks, a DVD drive must use nm wavelength laser “thinner” beams along with a larger NA lens smaller spot compared to nm wavelength laser used in CD-ROM drives.


For use in aircraft only. The upgrade utility has in programmed with a criteria-check function to avoid flashing the DVD-ROM drive with a wrong firmware consult you Lite-On Customer Service representatives for further assistance.

LiteOn LTD – DVD-ROM drive – IDE – internal Overview – CNET

Informatin reference from blu-raydisc website. Blu-ray Disc provides these key features and advantages: Broken Disc Most likely caused by defective disc such as cracks, chips on disc and imbalance disc.

Product-dependent feature Blu-ray Disc players enable you to continue to view and enjoy your existing DVD libraries. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.

The firmware for each model is NOT workable for other models. IDE Connection problem Please check you cable and connection.

While not spinning, these devce are free to roll about inside the ring, hence create some noises. All supporting studios have either already released or have announced release of movies on 50GB discs. During movie playback, if your system is fast enough, and has enough memory resources, the playback operation should be smooth.

Connect the Serial ATA power connector to the power connector devjce the rear panel of your drive. Always remember to reboot your system after completion.