Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Work with the DBA to obtain the correct name. Anonymous June 11, at 3: If your Java program is connecting to Oracle 10g database and running on Java 1. You can add any JAR which having above specified class exist like ojdbc14,ojdbc7,ojdbc6 but make sure that you have added it into classpath. Then in Classpath under Bootstrap Entries add your classes

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. And where is the driver located? If you are connecting to Oracle 11g from Java 5 then include ojdbc5. This error can be seen when a service name is used instead of a SID.

How to Fix java.lang.classnotfoundexception oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver [Solved]

If you are connecting to Oracle 10g database from Java 1. Similarly, ORA is returned when the listener does not know of oracle.jdbc.oracledriveer specified service name.

General Guide to solve java. Even if you’re using a maven project it is not necessary to add ojdbc to maven dependencies method 2method jjava.sql.sqlexception adding directly to deployment assembly works just fine.


When i executed it including main method the insertion is happened but when i removed the main method it’s java.lang.classnootfoundexception an error “Class not foundjava. Sanchi Bansal 1 2.

Mavrick Also Add classes Cause i am getting this erroralthough, ojdbc6. Which line throws ClassNotFoundException?

Invalid net service name -jdbcURL jdbc: This is my Servlet class package control; import java. I am getting java.

IBM “ERROR: otFoundException: Driver” – United States

Post as a guest Name. You might see this problem if the client is not installed on the original location that was specified during WebSphere Commerce installation. Work with your DBA to obtain the correct connection parameters.

No suitable driver in DB2 7.

lracle.jdbc.oracledriver If you are using tomcat to deploy your Java web application, You can also put this ojdbc. This is the stack-trace from Tomcat, when my Java app was failed to load this class: Is it applicable on Android Development too? Sign up using Facebook. OracleDriver error in Java.


I was stuck with java. Check if all your data is correct If your Java program is connecting to Oracle 10g database and running on Java 1.

Added that also but not getting the solution. In the new Driver definition oracle thin driver 10 i made modifications like removing the classes14 jar,adding the classes12 jar, setting the SID,username ,password No suitable driver found for jdbc: The wcsDbValidation utility, which is used internally by the utilities to validate the DB connection, can also be used to test from command line.

Since this class is bundled into ojdbc6. Work with the DBA to obtain the correct name. I think adding ojdbc6.