Try running the installer as an administrator. Convert any OpenAir airspace file to a. Flytec AV Read More. Originally Posted by xPosTech You could try reinstalling the drivers. Same for Info, it is not working

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Flytec Repair Centres now also repair Naviter varios, and vice versa, Naviter offers a repair service for current Flytec varios. May be the problem is there????

USB Serial Adapter Drivers Page

The GPS should now be listed in Ports. Flytec Speed Documentation and Support.

When finished I plugged in my BU and it installed the drivers automatically. Also, Win7 should have asked if you wanted to run it anyway. Originally Posted by xPosTech Sefial could try reinstalling the drivers.

Bräuniger – Flytec – Naviter –

Have you tried it on a different USB port? Convert any OpenAir airspace file to a. Flytec SI Read More. All in all, almost nothing will change for them. The Device Manager should refresh and Other Devices will show a serial device with a yellow sdrial mark until the driver is reloaded for the GPS.


Flytec Alto Documentation and Support. What seria you using to determine it is not working? See if the GlobalSat drivers work for you: Originally Posted by nialag My opinion: Flytec Compass Read More. Discontinued Devices Please note that the following devices are no longer available for sale.

I had installed the driver as administrator and when I plug my BR I got a message that it is not working???

However, support and service is still offered by Naviter. Right click it and choose properties.

Bräuniger – Flytec – Naviter

I have Windows set not to notify me about installs and ran the. Its’ a old one Instead of just double clicking the install file if on a CD you might have to open to view files right click it and choose the above.

I found the problem It’s working Thanks for your help Under port settings check that it is set for baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control. Plug the device in, go to Device Manager and right click the device in Ports.


Drivers for USB to Serial Adapter Prolific and FTDI

Hi Ted, I did all that Naviter adds Flytec varios to their current range and guarantees their further availability. When I check it I saw that it is on Port Com May be I do some thing wrong?

Flytec Windwatch Read More. Same for Info, it is not working It shows up as Prolific Serial-to-Comm port Com 3.