As in the case of the previous version of the software, users will be able to enjoy these features only with the PXA drive used as a media reader. During both reads and writes, the media spins continuously at the highest possible rate. BTC did not exhibit dual layer or 16x recorders, taking a wait and see attitude until the dual layer market becomes more established, and instead added the flash reader interface to the already existing line of 8x dual DVD recorders. MAM-E produces its own stampers but also sells stampers to others. Some will, some won’t.

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The company is planning to release it in June.

CeBIT Exhibition – Printer Friendly version

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. The blu-ray discs at this moment offer a capacity of 25GB for the single layer but in the future there will be dual layer which will provide 50GB. After investigating LookinAround’s info, I reverse my conclusions Visitors had the chance to an the new external drive playing a HD video connected to a plasma screen.

The second method is to simply jump from the first layer, at the point from which aopwn request is made, directly onto the same position on the second layer and back up until it reaches the desired position. The company has declared that the 16x DVD recorder will be available in September.

The company has alpen that its upcoming dual layer DVD recorder will hit the market sometime in August, and will have a chipset from Mediatek. The drive will hit dhal market in September Physically this is not the case however, and this poses a problem when part of the disc is left unrecorded.


CMC Magnetics was also at the exhibition. The recorded disc was then played on a standard dvd player for confirmation, where both layers were read without problems.

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Above you can see a prototype HD-Rom, while below is presented some information regarding the blu-ray disc, as it was displayed in Sony’s booth.

Supported CDROM Recorders and CDText support

The drive uses Mediatek’s chipset. The dvd in question is home-made, if it matters Well, that’s about it. New here is the updated Q-Check feature. For example, take a disc on which the entire first layer and part of the second layer have been written on.

When this disc is then read, and a seek on the first layer to some point further ahead is requested which will move forward to a point on the second layer, there are two possible methods the reading drive can adopt the standard itself does not define what the behaviour in such a situation should be. In addition, the first layer requires the use of a transparent thin metal layer that will allow the light beam to penetrate onto the second layer without affecting the first layer.

The design is very clean and is a marked change from the overly cluttered packaging we have become used to on virtually all manufacturers media packaging. Currently, the laser power for recording at 2. Join the community here.


In addition, the data-to-clock jitter is less than 9. While TDK is not a drive manufacturer, they are one of the best known and respected manufacturers of storage media. Welcome CeBIT Coverage Directly from the exhibitors booths This article will evolve as the CeBIT show goes on and the CdrInfo representatives get in touch with more exhibitors and have the chance to talk to more of the participating companies.

The following snapshot of the BenQ drive’s writing performance with 16x media. Philips uses a single laser diode for recording on the two layers. Here’s a conclusive way to tell We witnessed a demonstration of a dvd video compilation written onto double layer media which took a little over 39 minutes 7.

This is something that holds true for all manufacturers media. The drive shares the same internal components as the DD, but its firmware is upgraded to support 8x DVD-R burning.

Hence, de-icing the unwritten parts of the disc simply allows a drive using this approach to navigate the entire drive without “getting lost”. They are the first manufacturer who has managed to start production of this format. There will also be support for Blu-ray sometime in the future.

So currently the position is one of wait and see. Sonic is a California based company, specialising in DVD authoring software.