I’d also buy something that has local support. Edited October 16 by NoOne Thanks for making my decision easier! Don’t get me wrong, many people are very happy with their OSW, but for me, I’m not as technically savvy, so I didn’t want to end up with a Chinese motor potentially relying on unsupported software. The AccuForce V2 will be made available in three different packages. I have the Accuforce v1 and am happy with it.

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I have the Accuforce v1 and am happy with it.

Which one is the best? If so, let us know.

Accuforce v2 vs. OSW vs. Fanatec Podium DD1? Which one is the best?

We cant guaranty that every submission will be published, but when on topic, we will certainly try our best to get your story out there. Edited July 9 by NoOne Ladies and Gentlemen here are some news for you. Enter your optional promotional discount code and click the button to accufoce right to apply afcuforce discount. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, none of the above warranties apply to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accident, alteration, neglect, misuse, abuse, flood, fire, earthquake or any other natural calamity.


There are many tutorials out there and build threads. Getting Started With the Sim Commander 4. I elected use parts from Martin Ascher as they are high quality and pretty.

Every post you make is infused with a massive amount of Fanatec bash seasoning, and tbh, I am not fond of such a person being in this forum making other simracing enthusiasts look bad. Sep 12, 7. To apply for the beta, simply complete the application below.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Our tests show that this helps already fast drivers become even faster by giving them more driving information and better awareness of the edge of traction. We also got product approval from Sony for the Podium Racing Wheel which makes it the first official Direct Drive for consoles! acduforce

Accuforce V2 vs. OSW – Custom / High End Wheels – InsideSimRacing Forums

Not saying it’s the best, just probably is less hassle. Soon, the new HE-Sprint version will be available with new features and improvements for about the same, maybe a bit less cost. Sep 12, 3. Posted November 5 edited.

I went with the small MIGE. Team Engineers and other professionals may choose to dig deeper in to the Sim Commanders tuning capabilities.

If you spend time tuning the Accuforce system it can give you very good results. All infos and pricing accforce this product will be revealed early December.


Let me tell you it was daunting at first but there is a lot of information out there and a lot of helpful people. What rig is that and what seat? Villers Enterprises Limited will not provide loaner gear during the period of a warranty repair. Does your friend want to sell his AccuForce? With OSW we have proven track record, Fanatec on the other hand acvuforce our of the box ready to use solution. I elected to purchase the Meanwell power supply from Arrow.

Villers Enterprises Limited SimXperience neither assumes nor authorizes any persons to assume for Villers Enterprises Limited any other obligation or liability in connection with the Products. While it started out as a little and modest project, bsimracing. Force feedback clipping is now a thing of the past. Assembly is easy and well documented.

One free USB 2. Started by NoOneJuly 8.